Our small factory is located in the heart of a privileged area on the outskirts of the central area of ​​the City of Córdoba in Argentina.

We carry out the entire manufacturing process in a traditional way and with different classic methods, delving into quality, design and originality, our emblem is to maintain high standards in the manufacturing processes.

We select each piece in the first firing carried out at 1080° in special electric kilns for ceramics and then we define the designs of the collection to which it belongs, we rarely make the same designs again.

Mediterranean Art is a symbol of elegance, refinement and ceramic quality.

Each hand-painted piece is subjected to firing at between 1050° to 1080°. The pieces decorated with gold, silver and mother-of-pearl luster are subsequently fired at a lower temperature, thus the processes of each piece are personalized, in detail and in harmony with our philosophy of not rushing the times that ceramics demands.

Enjoy our art and include our art in your daily life